Refin's best-selling ARTECH series is now available in their innovative 4.8mm thick "Skin" format.  These tiles are half the thickness of standard ARTECH product yet retain almost all of the technical characteristics of full-bodied porcelain stoneware.  Unlike some of the 3mm product available in the New Zealand market, ARTECH "Skin" does not require  a mesh backing for strength and stability.  This product is ideal for tiling right over existing tiles (thereby avoiding the need for messy and costly demolition) on floors, or as a light-weight porcelain option for walls.

ARTECH "Skins" are fire-proof, frost-proof and fully vitrified.  They are manufactured from natural raw materials, they have no emissions and are a very 'green' choice - especially when the lighter weight also means lower transportation costs.


ARTECH "Skins" are exclusively imported by Designa® on indent terms as required.  The ARTECH series features five popular colours; bianco, beige, perlato, grigio and nero, and in sizes; 600x600mm and 300x600mm.  This photo shows the 4.8 mm "Skins" being laid over an existing tiled floor.