Tile Colours & Variation

You may notice some variation in shade and/or size between any samples Designa® may have provided and the product that is ultimately delivered.  These differences are normally quite minor and are directly due to the manufacturing process by which tiles are produced. Some variation in shade and size is not a defect.  Tiles are completely natural products and some degree of difference is inherent in the production process.  Just as successive batches of the same cookies may be a little different (despite being made to the same recipe), so it is with tiles. If you need to be completely confident that the tiles you order will be exactly the same as any sample that is provided then you should discuss this with Designa® staff who will do their best to ensure that you are provided with a sample from the actual batch that you will receive.

In addition, modern tiles are frequently made with technology that allows the manufacturer to mimic 'old fashioned' tile variation - meaning that a proportion of each production run can be different.  This adds interest to the laid tiles and again, is not a defect. 

The pdf document below explains the possible differences in colour and size that may be encountered.  Please click on the link to download a copy.  If you have any additional questions about this matter, please don't hesitate to contact Designa® at your convenience.

Tile Colours & Variation - CLICK HERE